Friday, 16 May 2014

He was there for me

When I was going through a rough phase
When there was no one to embrace
Crying for my loneliness in my solitude
 Not in a state to show  fortitude
........He was there for me.

Though I was the one who betrayed
The love he gave me I slayed
 My words cut his  heart into slices
Even  when I was stuck in crisis
 ........He was there for me.

When I was  struggling with my life
 When there was no love but strife
Only my shadow disturbed my solitariness
surrounded by nothing but hopelessness
............He was there for me

Though I was the one who broke his heart
My extreme hatred tore him apart
I was the reason  why  he cried
Even  when I felt I almost  died
......He was there for me

When I was finding way through this maze
When my mind  was in a  haze
Not a single soul was ready to assist
Anguish I felt was not easy to resist
.......He was there for me

Though I was the one who left him alone
My demeanor made him so lone
 Void that was created hurt his existence
Even when I never  wanted his presence
............He was there for me

Monday, 12 May 2014


Heard a bang on my window pane,
Peeped out, found nothing but rain.
Felt cool breeze brushed against my skin,
Soon, my head started to spin.
Seemed strange yet scary,
Hallucinating  as I was weary. .

Lights went off ,darkness prevailed,
Heart started racing,'run' my mind declared.
Heard footsteps approaching me,
Stood frozen, I wanted to flee.
Praying hard for Angels to descend,
Everything is fine, I tried to pretend.

Darkness seemed better than illumination,
Truth was horrible, beyond my imagination.
Scream escaped my lips ,I felt cold,
The spirit looked deadly and bold.
Just a step away  stood my death,
Started praying  until my last breath.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I Cant Forget You

  I can forget everything 
 I can forget myself   
       .... I cannot forget your touch 
 Even when you put your hands on my throat
Even when last few breaths are left
   ........I swear I can't forget u


 I can forget all my  memories 

I can forget all my life  

   ....But I can't forget your name  
Even when day turns night
Even when ocean dries 
    ........ I swear I can't forget u

 I can forget all the lovely seasons 
 I can forget all the beautiful colors 
    ....But I can't forget ur breath
Even when there is no hope 
 Even when there is nothing but emptiness 
     ........I swear I can't forget u

I can forget all my loved ones 
I can forget all the love I got from them
   ....But I can't forget ur face
Even when only silence can be heard
Even when no life survives on this earth  
  ........  I swear I can't forget u