Friday, 6 June 2014

What is 'not' Life?

~The Other Side of the coin~

What is 'not' Life?To answer this , let us see what is life with 'NO's.

~NO. Fantasies ,fairytales will NEVER come true.
 .If you think ,one day ,you can  become invisible ,then you should take birth in some superhero comic book. 
~NO.There is no superman/batman/ spiderman/wolverine/etc
.If you want to jump from one cliff to another. I am sorry ,you need a psychiatrist.
~ NO. There is no Cinderella/Snow white/Rapunzel/ Bella/Ariel/etc
. In this world you can't  get  long and strong  (that can be used as a rope) hair . 
~NO.There is no place like,as in ,Harry Potter /Twilight/Narnia/Lord of the rings/etc
.If you are waiting for Edward to bite you so that you become a vampire.Sorry ,you have to wait for eternity.
~NO.There is no magic/spell/power/mutant/wand/etc 
.If you have a stick (wand) and if you think that you can cast AVADA KEDAVRA and destroy your worst enemy . NO, nothing will happen.
~NO.There is no Werewolf/Pegasus/Phoenix/Dragon/Shape-shifter/etc
.If you find a black dog in the evening or at night ,please don't give it cake and cold drink. Please dont mistake it for Sirius Black(From Harry Potter).

Remember "Never say Never "By Justin Bieber.But , I have  to use"NO"" NEVER"

Note=>This is how I think about life. Please share your perspectives.