Friday, 6 June 2014

What Is 'Life'?

Let's try to define life.(Hmmm....It takes some time.) 
Okay.For me, life is- let me expand it:
F-full of
E-expectations and endeavours

For me life is

~time period from birth to death
~when I am writing this post i.e. NOW
~when I see God's beautiful creations
~when I breathe in some fresh air
~when I get love and care of my family
~when I share my joy and laughter with my friends
~when I cry hard and need someone to hug
~when I achieve my goals
~when I am heartbroken and defeated
~when I make some silly mistakes
~when I feel someone's pain
~when I am out of my senses
etc ,etc..

Note=>This is my definition .Please share your meaning  of 'LIFE' in your life.