Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Life is an examination

life is an examination

from birth till death

at every phase of  life....

every step we take

being supervised..
every breath we inhale
being assessed..
success and failure
go hand in hand..
happiness and sadness
two sides of coin..
fighting every second
for survival..
struggling every day
for success..
reaching the top
must it is..
crossing the limits
efforts it needs..

life is an examination

crying hard, cursing self

failure brings with it..
proud face, big smile
success presents it..
with every win
many friends you get..
every loss gets
eyes filled with disgust ..
when you reach the top
they pull you down..
Stress like a whirlpool
drags you inside it..
depressed desperate
condition of do or die..
waiting for a silver lining
in the dark cloudy sky..

life is an examination