Saturday, 3 March 2018

Start a new life

Trust broken, Faith died
Tear in eyes my heart cried
A web of lies, no transparency
Hidden behind mask of decency
A lover with unsure feeling
His lies leaves my heart bleeding
When he smiles hatred ignites
As if in him devil resides
His cunning self now revealed
Sorrow and regret, I concealed

Again and again he lied
Unlimited times he apologized
To stay loyal he promised
Every time my heart believed
Seasons changed he did not
Separation is best I thought
Fight started within, my heart won
I made a decision that was wrong
Every day hoping him to be true
I continued my life without clue

Now, broken & confused I stand
Everything is over, nothing to mend
His warm smile, devil's snare
His loving eyes, devil's stare
Mind takes control, my heart cries
No love is left , but sad smiles
Said farewell, he stood still
My departure was not his will
I have to forgive and forget
Start a new life, trust my fate

Sunday, 24 September 2017

When time will be ours

I wish I could tell you the truth
But I have to hide the proof
As this time is not right
No strength is left to fight
Fate is not on our side
Silence is what I advice
I know you feel the pain 
I saw your tears in rain
Even I feel the same way
It's hard for me not to say
Believe in me and my love
Wait for the moment to come
...............................................When time will be ours
I wish you could read my mind
Realize why I was not so kind
See the truth behind my silence
See how I suffer in your absence
World will have change of heart
Our love will never fall apart
For now hide what you feel
Wound of separation will heal
This chaos wont last forever 
We'll succeed in our endeavor
Believe me and my love 
Wait for the winds of change
..............................................When time will be ours